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Upcoming Events

To register for any upcoming events, contact Donna Kaczmarcyk at dkaczmarczyk@southwestvets.ca

OPIC Curling Event

Wednesday January 18th, 2023 at Listowel Curling Club
$50 Curler or $200 for Team of 4  
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OPIC People Development Workshop Series

Goal: To provide OPIC producers training on people and leadership development

Each workshop is a stand-alone workshop, you can attend one, or more than one workshop. Each Workshop will run in 2 locations.
1:30pm to 4:30pm . Each workshop is $40 for OPIC members, $65 for non-members.
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Workshop 1 - Employee Retention: Love the ones you're with.

Date: TBD, Rostock Hall

One of our current & pressing challenges is keeping our staff and getting them engaged & productive. This workshop aims to provide ideas on retaining talents in the barns.

Workshop 2 - Looking after your most important asset: People

Date: TBD, Rostock Hall

There are differences in management approaches between great vs not-so-good managers/leaders. We will tackle the secrets of great managers and how we can apply them.

Workshop 3 - Developing a Strengths-based organization: Effective Leadership

Date: Jan 24th, 2023, Rostock Hall

Leadership is a very important component of any organization. In this workshop, we will explore great leadership and gain some knowledge and skills for our teams.

Workshop 4 - On-boarding: Getting people started right and keeping them

Date: Feb 13th, 2023, Rostock Hall

Starting people in an organization is very important in getting them productive and engaged. This workshop will help getting new people to a great start and keep them with the team longer.

Check back soon for more details on future events.

- London Swine Conference - March 2023

- Ontario Pork Congress - June 2023