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About Us - Our Role

The Ontario Pork Industry Council aims to help all stakeholders in Ontario's pork industry overcome barriers and build a healthy future. OPIC  works to identify industry needs, educate, and engage industry to coordinate and fill gaps that require collective industry action.

Initiatives OPIC is currently focused on include human resource training, animal health incident management, gathering information on sow housing requirements and strategies, and promoting careers in the pork industry to students.  OPIC also provides management services for the Swine Health Ontario (SHO) Science and Technology committee, Ontario Pork Congress, the London Swine Conference, and the Hog Jog. 

Ontario's pork industry makes a significant contribution to the province's economy with more than 35,000 jobs and billions of dollars in annual economic activity. Individual stakeholders cannot move the industry forward alone. OPIC brings together industry players with communication, education and shared interest.

Our Members:
  • Producers and Producer Organizations
  • AI and Genetics companies
  • Animal Health and Nutrition companies
  • Brokers and Transporters
  • Finance professionals
  • Processors
  • Government and Academia

We welcome anyone with an interest or stake in this industry to join us as either a member or sponsor.


OPIC By-laws (opens as a PDF in a new window)