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Current Projects

OPIC is currently focused on providing members with more information in the following areas:

Rebuilding Social Connections

After the isolation of the pandemic, OPIC is providing opportunities for members of industry to come together again.
Come out to OPIC events like the annual golf tournament, hog jog, and curling bonspiel. See more under "Upcoming Events."

Antimicrobial Usage Study

As a part of the pork industry’s commitment to responsible usage of antimicrobials, OPIC continues to partner with producers and their veterinarians and feed suppliers on tracking antimicrobial usage over time to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. The first iteration of the study that provided benchmarking data occurred with data from 2014, then the study was repeated with 2016 and 2018 data to provide trending information. Both summary reports of the full dataset and farm specific reports were generated and distributed to participating farms and industry partners as appropriate. The 2022 update is currently underway.

Human Resources

Human resource management is a huge challenge that all members of the pork industry face.  The ability to attract, motivate and retain labour is an issue from the farm level right through the value chain. The current labour market and rate of unfilled job openings has led many in search of human resource help. OPIC is offering a variety of training workshops on people, labour management and leadership development.

Check out our Upcoming Events for current offerings.  If you're interested in any other specific topic, reach out to your OPIC board.

OPIC Brochure: 'The Ontario Pork Industry -So many options for a great career.' (opens as a PDF)

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