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Human Resources

Ontario’s pork industry has undergone many changes in the past 10 years.  As farms have decreased in numbers, the remaining farms have increased in size.  Many farms that previously relied primarily on family to meet labour requirements now hire non-family employees to fill their labour needs.

Human resource management is a huge challenge that all members of the pork industry face.  The ability to attract, motivate and retain labour is an issue from the farm level right through the value chain.

This project addresses those issues via two main pillars:

  1. Promotion of Careers within the Pork Industry
  2. Providing Human Resources Management tools to pork industry members

Through these two pillars OPIC is addressing the following project objectives:

  • Increase the competitiveness of the Ontario pork industry by promoting the industry to entry level workers and improving HR and training capacity in a cost effective manner
  • Meet the challenge of providing training in an industry where everyone is under pressure to do more with less
  • Deliver useful training programs to a wide audience
  • Have a presence at events where high volumes of people can be reached in short periods of time and allow for promotion of the pork industry and the Human Resources issues affecting it
  • Build stronger partnerships  between OPIC, Ontario Pork, OMAFRA and other industry associations and stakeholders
  • Share ideas with other sectors within agriculture (the commodity may be different but many of the issues will be the same)

Tools Available:

  • Online training  
  • Documents,forms and HR Advisory support
  • HRToolkit for developing a Human Resources plan
  • Resume support
  • Updates on current legislation affecting both employees and employers
  • AgriJobMatch - https://pork.agrijobmatch.ca/ 

Training Topics at HRDownloads.com Training – Available to OPIC Members

Training is available in the below categories. A full list of training topics can be downloaded.

  • Workplace Wellness
  • Health and Safety
  • Leadership
  • Accessibility
  • HR 101
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Employee and Labour Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training and Development

Contact us to get information about or to register for any of the above training sessions. All of this training is done on-line, from a location of your choice at a time of your choice.

OPIC Members can access this training for themselves or their staff.  Most sessions are about an hour long and there is a test at the end.  When the test has been passed, a pdf of a certificate with the person’s name is made available to be printed.  These certificates are a great way for employers to show due diligence and prove that training has taken place.  The training sessions are updated as legislation or common practices change and are therefore always current.

Please call at least one business day before you want the training to be delivered to allow for processing.

Documents and Forms at HRDownloads.ca

  • Policies (992 files)
  • Job Descriptions (1196 files)
  • Forms and Letters (1017 files)
  • Metrics Calculators (21 files)
  • Best Practice Guides (13 files)
  • Podcasts (15 files)
  • French Policies (88 Files)
  • Power Point Presentations (21 Files)
  • Member Extras (24 files)

OPIC Members can access this these documents and forms for themselves or their staff.  If you are in need of something, contact us to get the forms or documents you need sent to you via e-mail.

HR tool Kit

The OPIC HR Tool Kit was developed to give producers and small businesses a starting point for developing their own Human Resources plan. It is intended to serve as a quick reference tool kit on HR related topics.  The forms are intended for the use as tools for the agriculture industry.  

Human resource management is becoming an increasingly important issue for our industry.  As the workforce shrinks and the population is becoming more urban based, it is becoming especially challenging for businesses and farms to find good people and build solid teams. Many people commented on the need for a simple quick reference guide for handling HR related matters.  In response to this industry-identified need, OPIC sought funding and initiated the creation of this tool kit. These tools are intended to serve as a framework to manage some of the basic aspects relating to managing your human resource needs.

Permission must be obtained to copy or use the manual content.  For further information contact contact us.  Materials are not intended to serve as legal or consulting advice; readers must exercise judgment about the applicability of all information and obtain professional advice where applicable.

The content is based on the Canadian Farm Business Management Council’s 2004 publication titled “Managing People on Your Farm”. You can purchase this resource from the Canadian Farm Business Management Council directly, www.farmcentre.com or by calling 1-888-232-3262. This project was funded in part through contributions by the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario under the Agricultural Management Institute (AMI), an initiative of the federal-provincial-territorial Agricultural Policy Framework designed to position Canada’s agri-food sector as a world leader. At the time of this project, the Agricultural Adaptation Council was administering the AMI program on behalf of the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

Tool Kit Small Version

DVD Copies of this Tool Kit are also available free of charge, contact us for more details.

HR Needs Assessment

OPIC Human Resources Needs Assessment