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OPIC Board of Directors

The OPIC board endeavors to have the appropriate operational and governance processes in place to effectively meet its mandate.  
If you are interested in joining the OPIC Board or helping with an event or committee, feel free to reach out to any of our directors.

OPIC Board of Directors - 2024/2025

  • Bert Caputo, RBC DS, Chair
  • John Otten, Floradale Feeds, Vice Chair
  • Marsha Chambers, Demeter Veterinary Services PC Inc., Secretary
  • Meeka Capozzalo, Molesworth Farm Supply, Treasurer
  • Troy Hamilton, Perth Seed Solutions, Past Chair
  • Marlon Bauman, Vernla Transport
  • Mike Luyks, Kaslo Bay Artificial Breeders
  • Amanada Ropp, Southwest Vets
  • Erin Kollman, Patron Farms Ltd. and Riverside Pork Inc.
  • Veronica Anderson, Topigs Norsvin Canada
  • Lauren Hansen, Shakespeare Mills Inc.
  • Laura Hamilton, Demeter Veterinary Services PC Inc.
  • Kevin Varley, Josslin Insurance

OPIC Staff

  • Emma Payne, Managing Director
  • Jessica Fox, AMU Project Manager
  • Donna Kaczmarczyk, Admin