About Us - Board of Directors

Welcome to the Ontario Pork Industry Council’s Annual General Meeting. At this event, we are able interact with and provide our members with an update of what has been going on within our organization in the last year and some of our future action plans going forward. Our volunteer based Board of Directors have brought their experience and enthusiasm to our monthly meetings and any sub-committees they are on.

We have a wide variety of skill-sets on the Board and it has shown in this past year in the variety of our projects we have been able to tackle. Within 2017, we had multiple directives. The second stage of the Anti-Microbial Usage (AMU) Project was completed and reported just prior to Big Bug Day. The information was well received and now the project has the possibility of moving on to a National level. Our OPIC Transport Committee enlightened us with deeper knowledge into the Transportation sector of our industry. We commend the Transporters for their honesty and insights into their everyday duties and how people/trucks/trailers/animals can best work in unison, whether it be driving, organizing, washing, etc. This opening project for Transport has already gotten a few spin-offs being organized. 2018 will present itself as an interesting year. Everyone involved in our Human Resources (HR) Committee is very pleased with the reception they have received for their organization of their four-part series on Employee Retention and Recruitment. They should be proud, because this has taken a long time to bring this prudent information to our membership and the pork industry.

We all need people to help run our farms and businesses and these seminars will help us move forward with the workforce and enable us to share our own insights and information into how we handle Human Resources in our own various circumstances.  Sharing this information makes us all stronger. A thank you needs to go out to Ontario Pork. The last couple of years has been fantastic for communication and collaboration. They have been extremely involved with ideas, interest and help. It is awesome to watch our two organizations running seamlessly through everyday industry challenges.

We would also like to thank Linda Weitzel, Bev DeVries and Emma Payne. Their help throughout the year working on Golf Day, OPC, LSC, E-News, etc, brings extra value to both OPIC and our members. My biggest thanks goes out to our Managing Director, Andrea DeGroot. She has spearheaded our group with enthusiasm. She has a terrific ability to utilize her prior knowledge but also learn from others to gain more knowledge. We are lucky to have her pull information and move our organization in a very productive direction. At OPIC, we have a very select group of individuals on our Board that are helping us all move forward. As always, there will be challenges within an industry. OPIC’s role is to listen to our members, figure out what to help with and how we can help. I’m proud to say we have fulfilled our roles. I am blessed to have been able to work with this talented group of individuals from all sectors of the pork industry. I have gained a lot of knowledge, connections and friendships. I am truly thankful for the opportunity.

Jeff Robinson

OPIC Board of Directors - 2017/2018

  • Chair - Al Mussell, Agri-Food Economic Systems
  • Vice Chair - Adam Rae, Alltech
  • Treasurer - Tanya Terpstra, Birch Lawn Farms Ltd.
  • Secretary - Frank Wood, Ontario Pork
  • Past Chair - Jeff Robinson, Vista Villa Genetics
  • Jay Squire, Wallenstein Feed & Supply
  • Steve Thomas, Elanco Animal Health            
  • Chris Gehl, Parks Livestock
  • Denise Cassidy, Vetnoquiol
  • Colleen Roehrig, Conestoa Meats
  • Cathy Templeton, South West Ontario Veterinary Services
  • Al Scorgie, Demeter Vet Services
  • Jeff Macdougald, Trouw Nutrition Canada

SHO Science and Tech (formally OSHAB)

This year is a TSN turning point for the OSHAB and I hope our industry. We formed OSHAB to engage our industry with a focus of swine health. We believed that broad industry representation and inclusive focus would result in change, focus and differentiation of the Ontario swine industry with respect to health and we have achieved part of that goal. Prior to the OSHAB we did not have a PRRS PCR test in Ontario, most of our boar studs were positive for PRRS, many genetic supplies were positive and the concept of ARC&E did not exist. The platform for an industry disease intervention, did not exist and our response to PED would not have happened without the OSHAB. Our model has been presented throughout Canada and the United States and many regions want to emulate it. A lot has changed since 2005 when we started this adventure!! In 2016 & 2017 we worked with OP, OPIC and OMAFRA to form Swine Health Ontario (SHO), the evolution of the OSHAB with dedicated collaboration. The goal is a coordinated provincial swine health focused group that will engage stakeholders and government in sustainable, coordinated swine health initiatives.

It is time to rebrand and take swine health industry initiatives to an even higher impact on outcome. So, the OSHAB is now the Science and Technology committee of SHO. As chair of this I want to stress that our vision has not changed (significantly impact the health of the Ontario swine herd) and I believe this structure will enhance our ability to achieve this goal. We must never stop working together, regardless of business interests to reduce the impact of disease, we must never stop demanding inclusive collaborative interventions because if we do we fail. NOT AN OPTION. We will continue to promote and expand the ARC&E concept and tools, they work for all disease issues not just PRRS. We must continue to improve our disease containment strategies and we must develop the ability to prevent epidemics from becoming endemic. With continued support and engagement, we will get it done.

Marty Misener

OSHAB Science and Technology Committee - 2016/2017

  • Chair - Marty Misener, South West Ontario Veterinary Services (SWOVS)
  • Vice Chair - Cam Farrell, Paragon Farms
  • Cathy Templeton, SWOVS
  • Doug MacDougald, SWOVS
  • Ernest Sanford, private consultant
  • Cesar Caballero, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • John Rheaume, Wallenstein Feed and Supply
  • Grant Maxie and Jim Fairles, University of Guelph, Animal Health Laboratory
  • Christa Arsenault, OMAFRA
  • Brent Robinson, Vista Villa Genetics
  • Clare Schlegel, Schlegel Farms
  • Teresa VanRaay, VanRaay Farms
  • Jackie Gallant, Gallant Customs Laboratories Inc.
  • Jody Durand, Phibro Animal Health
  • Zvonimir Poljak, University of Guelph
  • Mike Degroot, Ontario Pork
  • Al Scorgie, Demeter Vet Services
  • Ryan Tenbergen, Demeter Vet Services
  • Glenn Armstrong, Mitchell Vet Services
  • Radu Zorzolan, Purina
  • Greg Wideman, SWOVS
  • Kevin Vilaca, SWOVS
  • Christine Pelland, SWOVS
  • Scott Dee, Pipestone Veterinary Clinic, U.S.
  • Ed Metzger, SWOVS
  • Paisley Canning, SWOVS